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the power of technology

feel sexy?

See the different between left and right pictures. What is in your mind?

Sexy, cool, nice, or beautiful?

Yes…that’s right. This is a side effect of the high technology.

Anything can happen with highest technology.

Who knows that the left picture is just an engineer?

I do not have an idea too.

Let your brain think about that… 

  1. JiE
    31 Agustus 2007 pukul 1:21 am

    Great… gua suka gaya lo… 🙂

  2. evelyn pratiwi yusuf
    1 September 2007 pukul 6:12 am


  3. beritadalamkancoet
    2 September 2007 pukul 10:56 am

    lho…kenapa eve? koq “ih…”. What’s wrong?

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